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Road safety

Road Safety

South Australia has about 430,000 bicycle riders. 

Bicycle riders are people of all ages and abilities. They are legally allowed to use our roads.

South Australia Police aims to reduce the road toll and make South Australian roads safer for all road users.

For more information about South Australia Police, visit their website.

Bicycle Safety

When cycling in South Australia, you must wear an approved bicycle helmet that is properly adjusted and securely fastened. Your bicycle helmet must comply with Australian Standard AS/NZ2063, which will appear on the helmet, and shops must not sell or offer bicycle helmets for sale unless they meet this standard. This also applies to any passenger that you may have on your bicycle.

Australians drive on the left-hand side of the road and seat belts must be worn at all times. If you want to drive a motor vehicle or motorcycle within South Australia, you must have a license for that type of vehicle.

Bicycles must keep as close as reasonably practical to the left hand side of the road, unless taking a right turn or overtaking another cyclist.

Motorists will need to leave at least a one metre gap when they overtake a cyclist, or 1.5 metres when the speed limit is greater than 60 kilometres an hour.

Cyclists of all ages are permitted to ride on the footpath.

The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure has a handy guide to road rules and regulations for cyclists.

Bicycle lanes

Bicycle lanes make road travel safer and more predictable for everyone: bicycle riders, motorists and pedestrians.

Bicycle lanes are indicated by painted lines, bicycle symbols, signs and are sometimes painted green. Please observe all signs indicating appropriate lane usage for cyclists, including the use of prescribed lanes for cyclists.

The lanes run along the left hand side of the road. You must only ride in the correct direction in the bicycle lane.

Are you planning to ride your bike around Adelaide while you are here for the Santos Tour Down Under?

Try the Cycle Instead Journey Planner.  

The Cycle Instead Journey Planner generates cycling routes using Adelaide's Bikedirect network of main roads, bike lanes, local streets, off-road paths and some unsealed paths.

You can enter the details of both your current location and expected destination and the Journey Planner will generate a cycling route.

This interactive tool allows you to choose a variety of options that take into consideration your fitness and confidence level, expected road conditions and speed of travel.

The Cycle Instead Journey Planner will be continually updated as more cycling facilities are added to the Bikedirect network.

Motor Accident Commission

South Australia’s Motor Accident Commission has some great tips on keeping safe while cycling on the road, such as wearing light, bright, reflective clothing, staying out of motorists’ blind spots and staying aware of road conditions.

For more information on road safety for cyclists, visit the Motor Accident Commission’s website.

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