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Tickets are free to Be Safe Be Seen Stage 3 start and finish, along with Trek Stage 4. Click on your desired stage to secure your spot and join the ride!

You need a ticket to get into these stages, so get in quick before they all go!



Your full calendar of events for the Santos Festival of Cycling

6pm - 7:30pm - Talking Tour with Matt Keenan at the District, Sky City



As part of the festival's COVID Management plan, access to race starts and finishes will have capacity limits.

A free ticket will be required to access these locations.

Tickets will be available from Monday 14 December.

There will be limited tickets to these locations and when tickets become exhausted, cycling fans will be encouraged to find alternative locations on the routes to enjoy the race in a COVID-safe and socially distanced way.

The (free) tickets to the Santos Festival of Cycling start or finish lines will open on Monday 14 December at 10:00am.

The Santos Festival of Cycling will see the coming together of a variety of cycling disciplines, and showcasing the likes of Road, Track, Paracycling, BMX, Mountain Bikes and Cyclocross.

Selected events will only be ticketed and information on these selected events will be announced in due course.

All of our start and finish sites are primarily outdoors and have minimal steps throughout, though they may have some areas with grass, gravel, hilly or uneven surfaces. We want as many people as possible to enjoy the Santos Festival of Cycling, so if you are visiting a specific site and would like more information on accessibility, we would encourage you to contact our team for further information. More information on site layouts including accessibility will also be made available prior to the event in January.

Yes, upon completion successful registrants will receive a ticket sent digitally through to their email address.

If you are unable to attend the event and will need to transfer the tickets, you can login with the link provided within your registration email and assign the tickets to someone else.  

Please bare-in-mind that these tickets are limited and will be in demand, so please be sure that you will be able to attend before securing tickets.

There will be one ticket for both Men’s and Women’s Start Lines and another ticket for both Men’s and Women’s Finish Lines.