10-20 January 2019,
Adelaide, South Australia



The Santos Tour Down Under is the perfect opportunity for volunteers to make friends and meet new people, learn and develop skills and gain work experience - all this while having fun and helping to put on one of South Australia's most important international events! 

Current positions

Challenge Tour Volunteer

The event is currently recruiting volunteers for the Challenge Tour in the areas of registration, operations and transport, call centre, rider assistance, and start and refreshment stations. Opportunities are available from 11 –20 January 2019. Position descriptions for each volunteer role are available on the Santos Tour Down Under website.

Read position description (click role you're interested in applying for): Cycling Marshal & Start Assistant, Finish Assistant, Finish Operations Assistant, Operations & Transport Assistant, Phone Officer, Refreshment Station Officer, Registration Officer, Start Assistant & Refreshment Station Officer, Sweep Vehicle Driver

Click here to apply for Challenge Tour Volunteers

Course Traffic Marshal (18 years and over only)

Assist South Australian Police in implementing rolling road closures to permit Santos Tour Down Under riders and support vehicles to travel safely on South Australian roads, among other duties.

Read the position description

Click here to apply for Traffic Marshals

Street Velodrome Track Marshal

Help and encourage the riders on the Santos Tour Down Under’s new Street Velodrome in the City of Adelaide Tour Village. Assist the Rider Coach to ensure the safety of all participates. 

Read the position description

Click here to apply for Street Velodrome Track Marshal

Other Volunteer Roles

If you missed out on the first round of volunteer applications and would like to be involved, have a look through the following position descriptions to see if you are interested: Exhibitor Operations Assistant, City of Adelaide Tour Village Greeter, Vehicle Movement Volunteer, Crossover Marshal 

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Preparing for your application

  1. Read the position description, and select a role that will be a good fit for you
  2. To prepare for your application, you'll need:
- Your personal details handy - address, email, mobile etc.
- A passport-style photo (but you're more than welcome to smile!)
- A record of which years you have volunteered of the event previously
- Your availability for the month of January.

Download the Personnel Manual here.

What are the uniform requirements?

All volunteers will be provided with a shirt and a cap. The volunteer polo must be worn with neat, tidy black or denim pants or knee length shorts/skirt and closed toed comfortable footwear.

Where and when do I get my uniform?

Volunteers will get their uniform at the volunteer briefing. If you are unable to make the volunteer briefing, you will need to pick up your uniform from the event office before your first shift.

When and where do I get my accreditation?

Volunteers are required to pick up their accreditation when checking in for their first shift from the event office if they are meeting in the CBD or pick this up from the event office prior to their first shift if they are meeting out on site. 

When is the event office open?

The event office on Level 1 of the Hilton Hotel will be open from 7am to 7pm from January 2nd to 20th.

When is the volunteer briefing?

The volunteer briefing will be held on Wednesday 5 December from 5.30pm. All volunteers will be expected to attend this briefing to undertake Work Health and Safety and White Level Training.

Will I be provided with food and water?

Water will always be available, ask your shift supervisor if you are not sure where to find water.

If you are rostered on for a shift of 5.5 hours or more a light meal will be provided.

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