10-20 January 2019,
Adelaide, South Australia

Extreme Weather Safety Plan and Cancellation Policy

The Challenge Tour (CT) presented by The Advertiser, is one of the three recreational rides that make up the 2019 Subaru Breakaway Series, the official recreational ride program of the Santos Tour Down Under (TDU). 

The decision to amend or cancel the Challenge Tour due to extreme weather will be made by the event organisers Events South Australia (ESA), a division of the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC). 

Extreme weather can take a variety of forms: heat, thunderstorms and lightning. ESA has implemented this Extreme Weather Plan to promote the safety of all employees, contractors, participants, volunteers and spectators of the Challenge Tour. ESA will implement any necessary actions resulting from extreme weather as early as possible to minimise the impact on riders.

Rider Responsibility 

It is the responsibility of the participant/parent/guardian to ensure that participant(s) use sunscreen, drink plenty of water & carry plenty of water with them, wear appropriate clothing and take advantage of shade and rest areas provided for the event they are participating in. 

It is the responsibility of the participant/parent/guardian to make appropriate decisions about whether to start or continue riding based on their physical condition.

Forward Planning

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) provides updated information on weather forecasts, including hot weather, thunderstorms and possible lightning warnings. ESA will, in the lead up to the event, monitor the forecast and maintain a heightened level of awareness of weather forecasts. ESA will seek additional specifically detailed information from BOM to determine likelihood and severity of extreme weather if forecast and will consult with key state emergency bodies (ie. SAPOL, SES, CFS, SA Health) to inform a decision.

If extreme weather is forecast, all safety briefings with riders will highlight the dangers and will provide guidance on appropriate safety measures. The safety briefing will also notify participants of the processes outlined in this Plan.


Possible Cancellation

In the week preceding the event, the event organisers will consult with the BOM and key state emergency bodies (ie. SAPOL, SES, CFS, SA Health) to consider extreme weather factors (including but not limited to localised conditions, weather warnings, heat loading, extreme winds, thunderstorms). The Executive Director, ESA will consider these factors and advice from emergency bodies to determine if the event is to be cancelled or modified.

Automatic Cancellation

If BOM forecast the temperature to be 40 degrees Celsius and above, and those temperatures are expected to be reached through the duration of the event, then the event organisers will cancel the event. If the Country Fire Service (CFS) issue a fire danger rating of Catastrophic in the region in which the ride travels, then the event organisers will cancel the event.


Notification of cancellation or modification will be made as early as possible, but no later than 0530 ACST Saturday 19 January 2019 (Challenge Tour event day) with the aim of being on all news services at these times.

Upon cancellation or modification, the event organisers will: 

• Send an SMS message and email to all participants and stakeholders. 

• Issue an official press release announcing the cancellation or modification of the event/s.

• Communicate with event media partners and request they communicate the cancellation or modification.

• Upload advice of the cancellation or modification on the Santos Tour Down Under website www.tourdownunder.com.au and through Facebook and Twitter. 

• In the case of event cancellation, all on route support including, but not limited to, refreshment stations, technical support, event specific infrastructure and traffic management support, will be cancelled. 

All media enquiries will be directed to contact the Santos Tour Down Under Media Centre on telephone (08) 8212 3800. For participants and general public enquiries, please contact the Subaru Breakaway Series Operations Centre on telephone (08) 8463 4760.


If there is a possibility of extreme weather a safety briefing at each start will highlight the potential risks and provide advice. Participants will receive an SMS notifying them of the threat (i.e. of thunderstorm activity) and the actions participants should take, in accordance with advice provided by emergency services agencies. 

Lightning at Start and Finish Locations 

If thunderstorm activity occurs at a start or finish location, the MC at that location will direct all people located in that location to a safe area under cover where they will wait until the storm passes. 


If the Challenge Tour is cancelled by the event organisers because of one of the circumstances listed above, all participants will be entitled to a full refund of all monies paid for the Challenge Tour registration and if they have already been ordered will be entitled to keep / receive their official event jersey.

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