Criterium Racing at Pakapakanthi (Victoria Park)

Times subject to change


Crit racing in Adelaide has only one home, and that's the Victoria Park Criterium Track at Pakapakanthi in the Adelaide Parklands!

Come see what all the fuss is about with four nights of graded criterium racing, Sunday to Wednesday before the Down Under Criterium on Thursday night.

AusCycling will have the schedule to you soon! Expect something for every age and ability level!

See the Race Schedule below:

Junior & Senior Criterium - Sunday 14 January
Grade Start Duration Colour
Junior C 4:00pm 15mins +2  
Senior D 4:01pm 10mins +1  
Junior A 4:20pm 25mins +2 laps  
Junior B 4:21pm 20mins +2  
Men's B 4:50pm 40mins +2 laps Red
Men's D 4:51pm 30mins +2 Dark Blue
Men's C 5:40pm 35mins +2 Yellow
Men's E 5:41pm 25mins +2 laps Light Blue
Women's A 6:25pm 40mins +2 Yellow/Red
Women's B 6:26pm 35mins +2 Dark Blue/Yellow
Women's C 6:27pm 30mins +2 Light Blue
Men's A 7:15pm 45mins +2 Green


Open Senior Criterium + Elite Men and Women - Monday 15 January
Grade Start Duration Colour
Open B 5:30pm 35mins +2 laps Red
Open D 5:31pm 30mins +2 laps Dark Blue
Open C 6:15pm 30mins +2 laps Yellow
Open E 6:16pm 25mins +2 laps Light Blue
Women's A 6:50pm 40mins +2  Light Blue
Men's A  7:35pm 40mins +2  Green


Junior and Open Criterium - Tuesday 16 January
Grade Start Duration Colour
Junior C 5:30pm 15mins +2 laps  
Junior D 5:31pm 10mins +1 lap  
Junior A 5:50pm 20mins +2 laps  
Junior B 5:51pm 15mins +2 laps  
Senior B 6:20pm 35mins +2 laps Red
Senior D 6:21pm 30mins +2 Dark Blue
Senior C 7:00pm 35mins +2 Yellow
Senior E 7:01pm 25mins +2 Light Blue
Senior A 7:40pm 40mins +2  Yellow


Women's & Junior Criterium - Wednesday 17 January
Grade Start Duration Colour
Junior C 6:00pm 15mins +2 laps  
Junior D 6:01pm 10mins  
Junior A 6:20pm 25mins +2  
Junior B 6:21pm 20mins +2  
Women's B 6:45pm 35mins +2 Blue
Women's C 6:46pm 30mins +2 Light Blue
Women's A 7:25pm 45mins +2  




The Santos Tour Down Under is part of the UCI World Tour

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