Become an Approved Travel Specialist for the 2025 Santos Tour Down Under!

Santos Tour Down Under Approved Travel Specialists are the premier providers of memorable experiences for cycling enthusiasts and event attendees alike at the Santos Tour Down Under. These specialists offer an array of curated travel packages designed to cater to both spectators and riders.

Join us in shaping the 2025 event experience by developing, promoting, and distributing a diverse range of packages. We will in turn offer support through exclusive marketing opportunities, priority communications, payment of product rebates, and the endorsement of an official logo.

By becoming a Santos Tour Down Under Approved Travel Specialist, you'll not only elevate the event experience but gain valuable exposure and recognition.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary in 2025. Apply now!


A dedicated TDU Approved Travel Specialist page will be published on the TDU website listing all 2025 Approved Travel Specialists. The listing includes company logo and a link to the Approved Travel Specialist’s websites.

Inclusion in one of the TDU e-newsletter promoting the TDU 2025 Approved Travel Specialists. The e-newsletter will be distributed to subscribers on TDU’s interstate and overseas database.

A social media post will focus on TDU Approved Travel Specialists and will direct people to the Approved Travel Specialists page on the TDU website.

TDU Approved Travel Specialists will receive “priority” communication on products and race routes on a confidentially basis prior to these being launched to the general public.

TDU Approved Travel Specialists will be able to utilise the official TDU Approved Travel Specialist logo (subject to logo guidelines and SATC approval for each use).

The right to use the TDU Approved Travel Specialist Logo on merchandise apparel and technical cycling equipment, provided such apparel/equipment is produced by the SATC’s exclusive third-party Event Merchandise companies.

SATC will pay rebates based upon the gross price of Santos Tour Down Under (TDU) products purchased by the Approved Travel Specialist.


The invitation to submit an expression of interest for the Approval Travel Specialist program is made up of the following documents:

These invitation for EOI guidelines

  • Sets out the Approved Travel Specialist program in detail.
  • Contains general information about the EOI process and how businesses can provide a response.

Business Response Form

  • Sets out the format and information that businesses are required to provide in their response.
  • Businesses must submit a declaration with their response.


The contact person for this invitation is:

Name: Kirsty Reynolds
Position: Marketing Coordinator | Events South Australia
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 08 8132 8338

Businesses wishing to discuss this invitation should only contact the person listed above. Other SATC staff are unable to provide details on the Approved Travel Specialist program. 


The evaluation criteria the South Australian Tourism Commission will use is based on but not limited to the below information:

Mandated Criteria

The EOI is open to all tourism businesses that:

  • Have relevant Tourism experience.
  • Have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) at the time of response and have the legal capacity to enter an agreement with the Government of South Australia.

Weighted Criteria

Preference will be given to businesses that can demonstrate:

  • An outline of business capabilities.
  • Any previous involvement with the TDU (if applicable).
  • A brief description of the type of TDU package you would like to promote.
  • A strategy for promotion and distribution of your TDU packages.
  • An active website and social media pages.
  • They are registered for GST.

Please Note: Expressions of Interest to become a Santos Tour Down Under Approved Travel Specialist close on Tuesday 4 June 2024 at 11:59pm ACST.

How to Apply: To become a 2025 Santos Tour Down Under Approved Travel Specialist please provide all relevant information as per the criteria for evaluation and fill in the application form below. The expression of interest process will comprise of the below stages:

  • Complete the Approved Travel Specialist Expression of Interest Form.
  • SATC will evaluate all responses.
  • You will be advised in writing of the results of the evaluation. Unsuccessful businesses will be provided with the opportunity to receive feedback.
  • You will be provided with the Agreement to sign.
  • 2025 event packages will be shared with 2025 Santos Tour Down Under Approved Travel Specialists once confirmed and available.

After a response is assessed, the business will be notified of the outcome via email. Decisions are not subject to appeal. Unsuccessful businesses will be provided with the opportunity to receive feedback. An indicative evaluation time frame allows for the completion of evaluation and approvals in early June 2024 and notifications to businesses will be made in early July 2024.

Businesses submitting a response must agree to be bound by the following Invitation for EOI Conditions, and indicative Reseller Licence Agreement. Participation in this EOI process does not create an agreement and SATC will not be obliged to provide TDU products for resale by the business unless SATC makes an offer of an Approved Travel Specialist program place.

Declaration: You must submit with Your Response a declaration, in the form set out below.
Select ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ at the end of each row. If You do not, You will be deemed to have agreed.
The declaration must be made by someone who is authorised by the Business and able to verify each of the elements of the declaration.


Business Response Form
Please provide detail on your business up to a maximum of 250 words
Outline any previous tourism product packaging experience with the Santos Tour Down Under or any other relevant event touring/packaging experience.
Please provide a brief description of Your proposed 2025 Santos Tour Down Under package/s.
Please provide details on your strategy for promotion and distribution of Your 2025 Santos Tour Down Under packages including any relationships, agreements, or advertising that you already have in place.
Inset the Business’ Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn handles etc.
Please add any further comments regarding Your Response.
DO NOT REMOVE THIS TEXT - The value here would be replaced with a link to our privacy policy using Javascript.
The Business authorises the SATC to: • collect any information about the Business from any relevant third party, including a referee; and • use such information in the evaluation of this Response. The Business agrees that all such information will be confidential to the SATC.
I/we have read and fully understand the nature and extent of the Approved Travel Specialist program. I/we confirm that the Business has the necessary capacity and capability to fully meet or exceed the criteria and will be available to deliver throughout the relevant Agreement period.
DO NOT REMOVE THIS TEXT - The value here would be replaced with a link to our privacy policy using Javascript.
I/we declare that in submitting the Response and this declaration: • the information provided is true, accurate and complete and not misleading in any material respect; • the Response does not contain Intellectual Property that will breach a third party’s rights; and • I/we have secured all appropriate authorisations to submit this Response, to make the statements and to provide the information in the Response and I/we am/are not aware of any impediments to enter a formal contract to deliver SATC’s requirements. I/we understand that the falsification of information, supplying misleading information or the suppression of material information in this declaration and Response may result in the Response being excluded from further consideration in the Invitation process. By submitting this declaration, I/we represent, warrant, and agree that I/we have been authorised by the Business to make this declaration on its/their behalf.


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