Santos Tour Down Under Travel Specialists assist in the development, promotion and distribution of a wide range of packages for the 2024 Santos Tour Down Under event. Our aim is to support Approved Travel  Specialists through marketing opportunities, priority communication, payment of product rebates, and endorsement of an official logo.


A dedicated TDU Approved Travel Specialist page will be published on the TDU website listing all 2024 Approved Travel Specialists. The listing includes company logo and a link to the Approved Travel Specialist’s websites.

Inclusion in one of the TDU e-newsletter promoting the TDU 2024 Approved Travel Specialists. The e-newsletter will be distributed to subscribers on TDU’s interstate and overseas database.

A social media post will focus on TDU Approved Travel Specialists and will direct people to the Approved Travel Specialists page on the TDU website.

TDU Approved Travel Specialists will receive “priority” communication on products and race routes on a confidentially basis prior to these being launched to the general public.

TDU Approved Travel Specialists will be able to utilise the official TDU Approved Travel Specialist logo (subject to logo guidelines and SATC approval for each use).

The right to use the TDU Approved Travel Specialist Logo on merchandise apparel and technical cycling equipment, provided such apparel/equipment is produced by the SATC’s exclusive third-party Event Merchandise companies.

SATC will pay rebates based upon the gross price of Santos Tour Down Under (TDU) products purchased by the Approved Travel Specialist.


The evaluation criteria the South Australian Tourism Commission will use is based on but not limited to the below information:

  • Relevant Tourism and Cycling experience
  • Previous involvement with the TDU (if applicable) and outline your business capabilities
  • A brief description of the type of TDU package you would like to promote
  • Strategy for promotion and distribution of your TDU packages

Please Note: Expressions of Interest to become a Santos Tour Down Under Approved Travel Specialist close on Monday 22 May 2023 at 11:59pm ACST.

How to Apply: To become a 2024 Santos Tour Down Under Approved Travel Specialist please provide all relevant information as per the criteria for evaluation and fill in the application form below. The expression of interest process will comprise of the below stages;

  • Complete the Approved Travel Specialist Expression of Interest Form
  • SATC will assess and review each application on a case by case basis
  • You will be advised in writing of the results of the evaluation
  • You will be provided with the Agreement to sign
  • 2024 event packages will be shared with 2024 Santos Tour Down Under Approved Travel Specialists once confirmed and available

If your application is successful, you will be provided with a Reseller Licence Agreement to sign.


  1. The South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) may at any time seek further information from you regarding your application, (but need not make the same request of all applicants). This may include but is not limited to:
    1. requests for additional information;
    2. presentations by, or interviews with you or your key personnel; and
    3. other responses or additional information as required.
  2. No legal relationship will exist between you and the SATC unless the parties execute a Reseller Licence Agreement.
  3. You participate in this application process at your own risk.
  4. You are responsible for the cost of preparing and submitting your application and all other costs arising from this application process.
  5. SATC is not obliged to accept any or all applications.
  6. You must comply with all laws in force in South Australia applicable to this application process.
  7. SATC may in its absolute discretion:
    1. take into account any relevant consideration when evaluating applications;
    2. invite any person or entity to submit an application;
    3. allow an applicant to change its application;
    4. consider, decline to consider, or accept (at SATC’s sole discretion) an application submitted other than in accordance with these conditions;
    5. suspend in part or whole, vary or abandon this application process at any time; and
    6. make enquiries of any person or entity to obtain information about you (including but not limited to referees (if any).
  8. All applications submitted in response to SATC’s invitation become the property of SATC. You submit your application on the basis that SATC may use, retain and copy the information contained in your application for purposes related to the 2024 Santos Tour Down Under – Approved Travel Specialist program, including to identify, refine and cost products, and develop any aspect of the program. SATC may disclose all or part of your application to a third party for the purposes above. Nothing in this clause 8 affects the ownership of the intellectual property in the information contained in your application.


Please provide detail on your company up to a maximum of 150 words
Outline any previous packaging experience with the Santos Tour Down Under or any other relevant event touring/packaging experience, up to a maximum of 250 words
Please provide a brief description of your proposed 2024 Santos Tour Down Under package/s
Please provide details on your strategy for promotion and distribution of your 2024 Santos Tour Down Under packages including any relationships, agreements or advertising that you already have in place.
Please add any further comments below regarding your application
I declare that: • The information contained in this application is true and accurate. • I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Conditions of Application. • I have read, understood and agree to the Reseller Licence Agreement (see below), should this application be successful. • I give consent to the SATC to collect, use and share details of the applicant as specified in the Data Collection Statement (see below).

Reseller Licence Agreement

Data Collection Statement:

The South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) requires personal information from you for the purposes of:

(a) processing your application;

(b) providing the products and rebates;

(c) sending you customer service emails including confirmations and reminders;

(d) preventing or detecting unlawful behaviour, to protect or enforce SATC’s legal rights or as otherwise permitted by law;

(e) ensuring the security of the SATC’s and SATC’s supplier operations; and

(f) sharing that personal information with: (i) third parties who supply goods and services on which SATC’s products and systems are built; (ii) government departments, agencies or other authorised bodies where permitted or required by law; or (iii) industry experts for the purpose of assessing your application. SATC will manage your personal information pursuant to SATC’s Privacy Policy Statement which can be found here https://tourism.sa.gov.au/privacy-statement. The Privacy Policy Statement sets out how SATC collects, holds, uses, and discloses personal information in relation to the Business for the purposes listed above.


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