The Santos Tour Down Under is committed to staging a world-class event that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for employees, supports positive social outcomes and minimises the potential impact on the environment wherever possible.

The Santos Tour Down Under race runs through some of Adelaide and South Australia’s most picturesque regions and the City of Adelaide Tour Village is located in Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga. No trees or plants are removed to accommodate event infrastructure. We extensively remediate the grounds upon completion of the event.

The Santos Tour Down Under management considers the environment throughout the planning and delivery process of the event.

We communicate our environmental commitment to merchandisers, and food and beverage vendors. We encourage them to support initiatives such as removing single-use plastic packaging and the use of recycled materials where possible. As such, all bidons (water bottles) supplied for the 2024 event contain recycled materials and are biodegradable.

Patrons, staff and volunteers are encouraged to bring their own refillable water bottles. Refill stations are located in the City of Adelaide Tour Village and at starts and finishes. We encourage everyone to recycle where possible using the clearly marked bins at the event precinct, or in council areas that stage the race.

Contractors are encouraged to follow environmentally-friendly practices including leaving sites as they found them.

Exhibitors in the City of Adelaide Tour Village are briefed on the waste system prior to the event.

Both the men’s and women’s races have dedicated clean zones on the race route, following the feed zones. Riders must dispose of their waste to lessen the impact of waste across the race route inside these clean zones.

Patrons attending the event are predominately cyclists and cycling to the City of Adelaide Tour Village and race routes is welcomed. We offer bike parking for all cyclists to securely park their bikes in the City of Adelaide Tour Village.

Food vendors in the City of Adelaide Tour Village use compostable plates and cutlery. The event has eliminated the use of plastic straws (except for frozen drinks and in circumstances where a plastic straw is required due to a disability).

Balloons are not used by event management as promotional material. Event Partners are discouraged from using balloons.

Partners participating in the Tour Parade are encouraged to provide reusable giveaways such as hats, cooling towels and bike-related merchandise.

Misting systems are provided by SA Water in the City of Adelaide Tour Village. Misting is an efficient way to reduce air temperature by up to 15 degrees.

We encourage the local councils involved in race starts and finishes to use ‘three-bin systems’.

The Santos Tour Down Under is run in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation.

The Santos Tour Down Under is committed to continuous improvement, and in line with this, we review our practices as they relate to the environment, annually.


The Santos Tour Down Under is part of the UCI World Tour

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